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Hello from Kansas City

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Picked my iM up a couple weeks ago and started creeping the forum.
I got the silver. I know most people don't like the color but I'm a sucker for silver car + black Windows. Sadly 35%tint is as (legally) dark as I can get.

Here is what I can say so far about the car.
Intake mod is worth it for the sound difference alone.
The interior LED kit is a rip off.
The all-weather mats are worth it.
I got the CVT, and personally I love it. It's a lot different than other cars I've driven. But sport mode is still fun enough.

Nice to meet you guys!

Btw, when I bought the car there was originally a scion brand spoiler accessory(the dealership even included it in my purchase) but scion put a stop to production on the part. Did anyone get it before it got shut down? I'm really curious what I'm missing out on.
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I wanted one as well, but that was a no go here as well for me. I wouldve loved to have it instead of the flat line one on it already
Do you have any photos of the spoiler option? I've not seen our heard of one.
here are pics


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Not liking that spoiler at all, stands out too much, what I will like however is a lip spoiler that is shorter and has no gaps going on, just something that slightly builds on the original design.
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