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Hello everyone!

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My name is Uzziel Ruiz, some of you may already know me from the Facebook groups or my Instagram(@auris_rs.exe).

For those that don't, here is my '18 Turbo iM 6MT
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Plant

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Car Vehicle

Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Automotive parking light

It's my first time on iM forums, however I will say that I am very knowledgeable on this platform to the point where we've been able to push it to just over 300WHP/270WTQ on stock internals.

We will be constantly looking for ways to improve the platform as much we can. I say we because it's a 3 person effort, yes that's right, 3 turbo iMs, 300HP.
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