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Headlight adjustment - how to?

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I noticed driving down to Albuquerque from Washington that my headlights need to be adjusted as they are aimed too high. I looked in the manual but it didn't show how to adjust them for height. Can anyone point out how this is done on the iM? Thanks in advance.
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Well I'm glad I didn't wait for a reply from anyone! haha I was looking on the backside of the headlight assembly and found nothing to adjust the height. I looked on You Tube and in the owners manual with zero luck. It showed every other Toyota adjusting them from the back of the headlight like all my other Toyotas.

I then went out looking around again and noticed the hole on the top of the headlight in the rail that the headlight attaches to. So I hope that this helps others if needed. Very easy! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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