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Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!

I'm selling my TRD rear quarter fins from my 2016 iM. I just wanted to post them up here first before I post them on eBay. This is a genuine part from Japan. The paper work has the SKU number at the top so you can research the number yourself to proof its authenticity. I waited about three months for this part plus the price and shipping cost were not cheap. If your interested, please reach out to me on here or at my email [email protected]. Price is $260. I haven't seen any iMs on the street with these. FYI: I'm slightly negotiable.

Please note: They need to be cleaned up because they have been in storage. I can clean them up for the buyer that's not an issue. Plus, they will need some double-sided tape so they can stick to the car.

Originally purchsed these on

Thanks guys.

- Rony


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