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FM reception

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Just brought our car home tonight. Love the car, but I notice the FM reception is horrible. I'm wondering if I should schedule a service visit. Anyone else notice this?
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zero issues here... I think I have heard HD radio cut out and switch back to FM maybe twice in 2 weeks and both times I was driving past an airport.

Have you figured out how to navigate through all of the sound settings? Make sure your stereo is configured for an iM and not the FR-S / TC. Check to make sure HD radio is turned on as well.
Mine is ok for what i listened to. I use internet radio for the most part but yeah I didnt pick alot of stations up local.
Thanks for the replies. I do need to review the audio settings. We live in central NJ near Trenton so I guess we are in a fringe area between NY and Philly, but I had no trouble with either the Sienna we traded yesterday or the Fiat 500 I drive. This my first car with a "shark fin" antenna. If the problem isn't in the settings, I will probably take it in and have it checked.
FM reception was fine for me the other day driving to NW NJ. The usual reception I expect to get for the stations I listen to.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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