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Engine and cabin filters

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I know there are plenty of CAI discussions here. I am not into modding much, but I do care about getting at least stock performance from my car. I tried installing Purolator motor and cabin air filters. Well, they are terrible. I now have about 3 MPG drop, my acceleration is slower and my A/C is blowing about half the speed it used to. Purolator filters are too tight. I will be getting stock Denso/Toyota filters instead.

Toyota dealer wanted to charge me $70 per filter, $140 total with labor. I smiled and walked out. Retail price for Denso engine filter is $12-15, cabin Toyota filter is around $15-17 on Amazon.
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Hi, Thanks for the info, I just was told I needed to change my engine filer as well so I'm replacing both filters. On Amazon, it states that the 87139-YZZ20 does not fit the 2016 Scion IM and I can't find the other part number on Amazon. Do you know why it's stating it doesn't fit?
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