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DIY Project
Difficulty: Medium
Installation Time: Approx 2-3 hrs

Tools needed:
10 mm deep socket
Philips Screwdriver
ZipTies (at least 8)
Soldering ToolKit
Heat Shrink (various colors)
18+ gauge wire (4x 2.5'-3' length)
Power Drill with 1/2" Drill bit (or bigger)
Razor Knife
3M Double sided Tape (if needed)

Fuse Tap (x2)


Push Button Switch Size 32.5mm x 22mm (I got mines from
4 wheel parts Rocker Switches connect led light bar for TOYOTA vehicle.

Soldering your kit is highly recommended. If you don't have soldering kit, you can use splice connectors (if that is the case, heat shrink is not necessary)

First off, you need to understand the concept of wiring. I chose to wire everything to the fuse box with fuse taps.
Once you get that down, test your kit for proper connection. Then you can start tucking in your wires and zip tie them to preferred places. More on that later.


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First, clear everything form your center console tray box, including the pad at the bottom that covers the 2 bolts.
1. remove center console armrest using philips and 10mm deep socket to loosen the center console.This will help feed wire inside console with ease.
2. Drill a hole from the back of the armrest using 1/2" Bit. Use your razor knife in case you need to make a bigger hole.
3. feed all your wires from inside the tray box through the hole you drilled.
4. Remove the panel that holds the cup and covers the E-brake. Simple pop-out.
5. Feed the "push button" wires to the steering column. Remove the panel that supplies the side mirror control unit. Instructions on how to remove, follow this thread
6. Feed all other LED lights to your preferred place. (more on how to mount later)

End result should have your LEDGLOW control unit inside the center console tray box.

***Make sure you add more wire length especially the power cables (red) to feed them all the way to the push button slot by the side mirror control unit.***


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To mount your LEDGlow, Use zip-ties when mounting under each chair and one under glove box. The last LED use screws for under steering column.
7.Mounting under the chair: requires cutting through the carpet to feed through the zip-ties around the metal brace. Take your time getting the feel for the braces. once you cut them, feed it through (see pics)
8. Mounting under glove box: zip-tie around the cables already mounted behind the box. You will know where to tie them.
9. Mounting under steering column: use screws to mount the last LEDGlow to the plastic guard that covers all the cables from dangling.

Put everything back (bolts, screws, panels) then Test button to see it glow.

***remove panels on the side of center console if you need more space to feed/hide wires***


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