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Disable the TPMS

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Has anyone tried to disable the TPMS on our car? I found a link on yaris forum but i am not sure if the wire location and color will be the same as ours.

I think the light on the dashboard will not bother me if i decide not to put TPMS on my other set of rims. But if there is a way to disable them it will be nice.
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I am sure it's possible. If you tell me the what year was the Yaris in the DIY thread I can double check and tell you pins and wire colours. One thing to keep in mind is that iM TMPS/RKE ECU in not as easly accessible as Yaris's behind the glove box. It's located in the luggage area near right rear quarter window, behind the trim.
Have someone photos how to get to the sensor? Some instruction manual?
Defeated the dash and put a small black tights on the tpms light, very easy to make his take 20 minutes
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