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Chipping paint issue!

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So many people may just chalk up paint chips to following too close or rocks being thrown up by people's tires which is true. The obvious spots are on the front fascia since it's pretty low but lately I've noticed a few on the door and also amazingly the roofline of my pearl white IM which leads me to believe that the paint is quite soft. On both the door and the roof the spots that got hit are right down to bare metal! My 17 year old Buick never had any chips down to bare metal, just rubs me the wrong way that we got cheaped out on. Anyone else have this issue? I can post pics later if anyone is wanting to see what I'm referencing.
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I noticed when I washed mine last, it seemed to have more chips that I would expect. Don't recall any on the doors or roof, but I'll have to check now.
This car does seem really prone to chipping :-(
yep! as many car manufacturer even the paint goes the cheap way! mine is only 8 months old 5k miles,maybe 12 trips that included hw and the front fascia and hood is starting to be populated by those chips!
not the mention the dirt magnet in the trunk door
and rear bumper! dont even think to wash that area with out a good rinse first!
I have the same issue on my Super-White 2015 Toyota Yaris SE. OEM touch-up paint/clearcoat and a good detail brush is your best friend - especially out here in AZ where the rocks fly.
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