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Can you brake launch a cvt?

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So to launch an auto you hold the brake down and rev it to the rpm right before the tq stalls. Can you do the same on a cvt considering it also has a tq? I know it stalls at 2k because that's where it locks it if you're driving slow.

I've tried this myself already and got a much better launch according to my buttmeter. Now I'm just wondering if it's harmful to a cvt? Anyone got any idea?
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Many more moving parts, much more expensive... The chances of something breaking when launching a CVT are at a much higher risk than launching a regular auto.
If you've done any google searches, they tell you that you can't really "launch" a CVT. Just not what it was intended for. But it is definitely harmful in some sense.

But that's google. Not me. So.. take it as it is lol
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