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Scion AV (a creative enterprise of Scion) met up with the team leaders of illest and Crooks & Castles for behind the scene interviews.

Rob Panlilio of Crooks & Castles has loved cars since he was 15 years old and his fleet has everything from an old CRX to the Lamborghini Aventador. Rob’s fascination with cars is reflected in Crooks & Castles automotive inspired clothing line and its lifestyle brand.
As for modding a car, he would have to start with the wheels. Something that goes well with the car no matter what model or year it is.

Mark Arcenal of illest started young at 14 with a BMW hand me down and every year he would mod it however he could. As a brand, illest designs things for themselves and only collaborate with what they are into which keeps them genuine.
This is not his first tuner challenge so Mark is confident going into the competition with his everyday style Scion iM. For him it’s about how the car sits and if the rims are correct, that’s what makes a car.

Both very cool guys with different takes on what the car culture is about. One defines it as being both old and new while the other associates it with making a name for yourself.
Which definition do you prefer?
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