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I've been in the forum before but I think I did not formally introduce myself and my baby Imee (pronounce i- mee). Got her 2018 a blue iM Scion 💙. She replaces my 2006 Scion Xa which has odometer reading of 145, 000 something miles on it before I had it shipped to Florida for my youngest daughter use. By the way in 2016 me and a friend drove my Xa from Florida state to California at the Bay area for 3days taking turns driving stopping only only for food and nature call. Had no problem with her during and after that long tiring trip. I had that thought lingered in me for almost 3 years before i decided to myself to acquire another Scion car as an upgrade.

So guys that was my brief history as a Scion loyal owner. Hoping for your appreciation. Thank in advance. Keep safe everyone and be aware of the new variant of that dreaded flu virus. They said it's a highly contagious and may not be controlled by vaccine.

✌ people

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