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Beam pattern on stock projectors with HID's

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What's up scion crew just bought a new iM and I am I love the car, I love the interior upgrade a couple things the head unit got the steering wheel controls to work and the USB port now I just need to do something with the back up camera I read somewhere that I need to convert from 12v to 6v. But I wanted to talk about the Projectors I installed some HIDs 4300 K and the beam pattern seems a little weird i'm pretty positive I did not put them in wrong as they do not wiggle around there in tight or maybe something is wrong the bulbs? I have 9006 bulbs inside. Does anybody have an idea I'll take pictures when I can.
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I have 9006 hids in mine as well and the beam pattern is a little strange. I guess it has something to do with the stock projectors.
Headlight performance have been neglected over the years to a point where the IIHS has just started evaluating them since they're a security risk/concern.

Best headlights you can get are on the current gen Prius V.

Even luxury brands are mediocre.
You can compare the beam pattern on my post, I have 9012 55w kit in original projector. There is a very large dark area on left hand side which I guess is engineered to prevent blinding on coming car. And the beam pattern under the bumper is also wried.
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