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Are you getting the scion iM before it gets rebadged?

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I'm still thinking about it, assuming that the interior won't be changed.

As one of my reason is the wider bucket seats in the front.

This car has attracted me, based on the following review:


"The four-door hatchback is sharply styled, both inside and out, and features a surprising amount of interior room.

And it's fun to drive, especially with the standard six-speed manual transmission that allows drivers to wring the maximum performance out if its 1.8-liter, 16-valve four cylinder engine. The ride is very composed for a small car, and the steering is precise enough to make it feel nimble on twisty roads. The front bucket seats are wide but supportive, and covered with a tough fabric that feels like it will last forever.

And speaking of gas, we averaged just under 30 miles per gallon during a week of spirited motoring with our manual transmission-equipped test car."
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I did get mine last week. I took advantage of the 0% APR offer. Love the car, I average 33 mpg around town.
Do you find that seats are often not wide enough and uncomfortable for you? I've never had this problem, though I happen to be pretty slim, but I find it interesting that something that one customer doesn't even think of as an issue -- good or bad -- can be the deciding factor for another.
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