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Just wanted to say Aloha or Hello to fellow iM Owners.
as you can guess mines is named Quinn as in Harley Quinn. (iM a fan)

Purchased base stock near the end of April..
(Scion Oahu wouldn't budge below msrp BUT the cars worth it.)
She's auto (sigh) but still not bad honestly.. (to each their own)
specially searching that the cvt may be able to handle more POWA!
or MANA as we say it on the islands here.. & the traffic here in oahu
is even more terrible since I got back from TN so manual wouldn't be much fun..
(& yes iM one of the lurkers) lols umm lets see..

As of right now she's stock but looking to do the list below.
To do or Future Mods:
Carbon Filter removal~Soon
Ordered an AFE Dry flow filter install- ASAP
part#31-10228* & Confirmed fitment from AFE*
EZ oil drain valve Part#103~Soon Possibly maybe do a DIY oil change video idk?
Maybe remove the snorkle (I hear it's a pain.)
Maybe a custom 8" (Maybe wrong in measurement correct me if iM wrong =b )
intake pipe with couplers from throttle to filter case & paint with high heat black.
NST Lw Crank pulley~Debating..
OBX-R High flow resonator 2.5 C/C to
custom 2.25 piping to stock muffler with second muffler removal
(trying to be stealthy-ish) xD
DC header/Front/Rear Struts~Looking into.
Tenable NF210 Drop springs. (may need that stupid recon though Dx)
35 or 40% Tint~Soon
Window visors~Debating for the stick on or
wait for the clip ones like the new wrx and sti's have from subi-shpeed.
16 Wheels (please lmk what prefrences/tires etc will work I
would love to hear opinions or I may visit Autoland here in Oahu.)
DC shift knob~Debating.
Demon eyes & dragon headlight tints? maybe?
Harley Quinn decal..
& I want to do a plastidip angry eyelids on the pointy
tips of the headlights then plastidip clear coat them.
I'd LOVE a Supercharger (it does lack speed) but that would come
with other supporting mods that I will look into the future for.

Anyway yh lol Thanks for reading my Cluster "Fword" letter/Msg w.e :D
I'd love find out about meetings etc just lmk!

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Hi, Guys!
Thank you! I will try and get pics & maybe diy videos together & post when I get to it :D
Davect01~Yh I'm sure it'll be fun haha.
Lee~ Aloha I hope all is well there as I've seen that volcano thing and shootings going on.
Rekless 27~ Mahalo & thank you for your visit glad to know you had a awesome time here!
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