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2016 Scion iM review by Autoblog

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2016 Scion iM First Drive

Every iM rolls off the line with dual-zone, automatic climate control, auto-on/off headlamps, and a seven-inch touchscreen display for the Pioneer audio and Toyota Entune-based infotainment system. That's all well and good, but it also means there are no major upgrades available. You can't get a sunroof or xenon headlamps. Same goes for leather upholstery. Don't even think about heated seats.

We'd also really like a telescopic steering wheel – it's still strange that in 2015, cars don't have this functionality as standard.

The standard six-speed manual transmission lets you keep the weak motor on boil, but it's a bad setup. The clutch has a nice weight, but a vague engagement point. The gearbox itself is pretty sloppy, with long throws. It's like every other manual transmission we've tested in a Toyota/Scion product (save the FR-S): dull.

Of course, only 10 percent of iM shoppers are expected to want the manual 'box; the majority will opt for the continuously variable transmission. The CVT works just fine – no sour points here – and it's good for up to 37 miles per gallon on the highway (30 city). There's a sport programming that'll keep the tach needle in the higher rpm range, but honestly, just leave the engine alone. The iM isn't exactly a car that begs to be driven hard.

The steering is light and vague on center.
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Here is the one from Topspeed!

2016 Scion IM: First Drive | car review @ Top Speed

Actually the line I am most excited about is this one which was an important criteria for me (high seating) on whether I would buy this car , or not.

"A tall greenhouse gives great views of the road aided by a somewhat tall seating position."
Timeline update, from the review:
Scion officials say we can expect to see the iM rolling onto dealer lots by September 2015.
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