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2016 Scion iM Review and Tour

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Here's an informative review of the Scion iM trim and tour of the new Scion iM which is apparently labelled as a Toyota Corolla Wagon in Japan. Guess labeling it as a wagon in the U.S. wouldn't have connected it with the younger generation as much. Wish he would have gone into detail with the infotainment system but it apparently has not been programmed by the dealer yet.

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Taken from the JDM Toyota website, our closest match is a Toyota Auris RS trim:

Maybe the gentleman misspoke and meant in Australia/New Zealand as they have a Corolla sedan, hatch and wagon variant. The iM is the Hatch, but with the Levin trims.

Or maybe he just doesn't have a clue what he is talking about like most sales people.
A guy I used to work with in Oklahoma always said "Baffle them with your B.S. and Dazzle them your brilliance."
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Working in a dealership, you discover they require few credentials to work in sales and don't bother with learning after that. It's usually the higher end vehicle dealers that I find actually put the right people on the front line.
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