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2014-2015 Corolla Seats

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The seats look similar to ones on iM.... Just wondering if anyone tried to swap these seats on iM... Thanks...

I believe the seat skin swap will also work.


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it would be kinda cool to see someone switch out the steering wheel as well with the red stitching...just a little extra added touch since they are the same wheel
I wouldn't try this unless I could get parts off a totalled car and that would likely mean busted airbags.
In think a seat skin swap may work but not for the front seat headrest. The shapes are different.
I have a different question about our seats. iM front seats have too much of a sporty side bolstering that just makes my back uncomfortable. I am a big guy 6'2", I find iM super comfortable and roomy enough for my needs, but my back is just too wide for the seat, especially in the shoulder area.

I did test drive Corolla LE manual and its front seats are way more comfortable for my back. So is it possible to swap just a back portion of the seat? As far as I understand, there is a side airbag in the seat, would that airbag be easy to replace/reconnect? My other question would be fabric, since Corolla LE does not have the same fabric, so would I need to custom trim our seat fabric or just go with Katzkin leather?

Another option would be to flatten upper side bolstering, but I somehow doubt we can do that.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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